Mark Arts

for Community

Formerly known as Wichita Center for the Arts, Mark Arts was founded in 1920 to provide Wichita a comprehensive gallery and educational facility. As the years progressed, their building became dated and in need of restoration. After a generous land donation, the arts center decided to relocate. Design concepts behind the new space developed from the idea of the space becoming a “park with a school in it.”

The new 40,000 square foot facility resides on 17 acres of land. The education facilities will include 8 studios for 2D and 3D art as well as a culinary arts kitchen for cooking classes. A 5,000 square foot gallery features moveable walls and a 380 seat event space will serve the community with a host of activities. This space makes use of natural north light and incorporates berms and walking trails on the site. The grand opening in slated for January 2018.