Jesse Miller


Project Architect

Jesse liked drawing buildings and cities from a very young age, but his interest in architecture really piqued when he started attending a brand new middle school in 7th grade. “It was a beautiful building, with a 3-story skylit ‘main street’ and various classrooms and spaces arranged like storefronts on the street. I was really impressed by the creativity of the design, and how the architects arrived at the concept.”

That interest eventually led to attending Kansas State University to study architecture, and Jesse joined Alloy shortly after graduating in 2005. Though he now works on a wide variety of projects, from banks to corporate offices to higher education facilities, he always enjoys the chance to work on a school project and bring the creativity and design skills he has honed in his career.

Jesse enjoys the challenge of transforming a client’s desires into reality. “We help to create places that people live their lives in – live, work, study, and play. That’s exciting, but there’s also a tremendous sense of responsibility to create places that are beautiful, functional, responsible, and above all, meet the needs and wants of the users.” A bit of creativity can make all the difference.

When away from the office, Jesse enjoys traveling to new places with family and friends to get new design inspiration (and to relax). He also enjoys biking around Wichita, watching K-State football, and working on projects at his College Hill bungalow.