Chris Tillison



Creativity came naturally to Chris. As a child, he would spend hours creating environments and whole worlds for his toys. “Cardboard boxes became houses for my GI Joe action figure, and the bare spot of dirt at the corner of my house became a city for my match box cars. I spent far more time creating the environment for the toys than I ever did playing with them.”

This affinity for space development shone brightly when he was in eighth grade, tasked with creating his dream house. Chris’ art teacher became his mentor and helped him realize his architectural career aspirations.

After graduating from Kansas State University, he began working for Alloy Architecture in 1995. Chris specializes in healthcare design, focusing on a range of projects from diagnostic imaging and surgery suites to public spaces such as waiting rooms and cafeterias.

When he’s not designing solutions for clients, Chris enjoys hitting the course or the court for golf or tennis. He and his family are active in their church and often volunteer with the youth group. An Air Force veteran, Chris is active to this day with over 21 years in the 184th Civil Engineering Squadron, Electric Shop Supervisor, Kansas Air National Guard.