Jeff Sherrard



“My introduction to architecture was through my father. He was a draftsman and produced the most wonderful hand drawings that would rival some computer drawn plans.” As a high schooler, Jeff would soon be tasked with writing an essay about his career path. Naturally, he chose architecture because of its combination of art and science.

Breaks during college were spent interning with a small firm in Winfield. He earned a Bachelor of Architecture from Kansas State University and later moved to Wichita to continue his career. Jeff joined Alloy Architecture in 1994 and has been helping create design solutions ever since.

“Today the most satisfying thing for me about architecture is solving complex problems. This may occur at any time whether during planning, design, or construction.”

Jeff fills his spare time with family and the outdoors. Vacations with his wife and children are enjoyed spent hiking and camping in the mountains to recharge his creative spirit. At home he enjoys gardening and woodworking projects.