Phillip Jordan


Managing Principal

Phillip first became interested in architecture while designing and building a small scale model of a dream-house in middle school. “Although I didn’t immediately know that I wanted to be an architect after completing that project, I think that was probably the seed that sparked it all.” Phillip graduated from Kansas State University, and shortly thereafter, joined Alloy Architecture in 1992.

Architecture requires a multi-faceted skill set of those who make it their career choice. Phillip is a “jack-of-all-trades” with a broad range of interests, abilities, and talents that have served him well in his career as an architect. “Architecture is really all about solving complex problems with many different variables -simultaneously.”

At the end of the day, Phillip’s fulfillment comes from designing unique and successful solutions that add value to the lives of clients and friends. From renovating a 100-year old mill into a tech startup headquarters, to master-planning facilities for a school district, he enjoys the unique challenges each project brings to the table.

In his spare time Phillip enjoys working on projects at the family farm, cheering on his kids at sporting events, golfing (occasionally), target shooting, and heading out the lake during the summer months to enjoy jet-skiing, wakeboarding and tubing with his family.